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Our Goal.

To make sure every individual that walks through our doors leaves a better version of themselves. We strive not only to create elite athletes and fighters, but also a fellowship aspect that you can't find anywhere else.

Why We Care.

In our minds, self defense is an essential skill. It should be looked at the same as knowing how to change a tire. If just one more person out there knows not only HOW to defend themselves and others, but also WHEN, then we have done our job. Though we have a number of active fighters, our overall goal is to be a gym for everyone. Absolutely no one is pressured to compete in combat related sports or otherwise. We have several students who simply wish to learn and grow as individuals. Contact us for more on our mission as a company.

Our Team:


Jason Parsons

-Head Coach

-Boxing Coach


Kyle Leonard

-Strength and Conditioning Coach


Alija Keserovic

-Boxing Coach


Traevon Kroger

-Boxing Coach

-MMA Coach

Elisha Bohn_edited.jpg

Elisha Bohn

-Coordination and Administration


Michael Otamendi

-Strength and Conditioning Coach


Jerry James

-Boxing Coach


Keith Cournoyer

-Boxing Coach

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