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Classes and Pricing

As shown below, we offer boxing, MMA, and strength/conditioning classes. We are also planning on adding many more classes/skills in the near future. As a member, you may also request a class or a private session. Staff will do our best to make something work out. If you wish to see a list of our staff and figure out who will typically be leading what classes, visit our About page. Members should also know boxing days are NOT just for boxers and MMA days are NOT just for MMA fighters. We have aspects of every class that will help everyone, thus encouraging members to show up to as many classes as possible. We also have some special guests coming out for potential seminars!

  • The price we offer for the standard package is $100 per month plus tax. This includes access to all classes and workout equipment in the gym. This also includes access to all benefits given to 605 members. 

  • For our Junior Champions class, it is $75 per child per month plus tax. Any additional child in the family would be $35. Our junior champs are also eligible for certain gym benefits (reach out for details).



  • Additional family members get 50% off their monthly dues.

  • Active military members get an extra 10% off their monthly dues. 

If you are not a member, yet but still wish to check it out, there are a few other options:

  • Everyone's first day is always free.

  • If you're not sure yet, hold onto your free day and drop by for a tour. You may either come by during the normal class hours (6 pm - 9 pm) or you can schedule a specific time with us. 

  • We never want finances to be the reason you don't choose 605 as your home. If funds are an issue, please come talk to us.

  • Day pass and/or drop-in: $10

  • Weekend pass (Fri-Sun): $15

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