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When it comes to fighting, it's normal for people to have lots of questions. If you can't find the answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us!

If I sign up, do I have to compete? Will I be pressured to compete?

Absolutely not. Being a member of this gym does not mean you have to compete in any way, shape, or form. As a gym, we try very hard not to pressure anyone into an uncomfortable position. However, if a coach sees potential, they will point it out. If this suggestion is unwelcome don't hesitate to let us know.

What should I bring on my first day (equipment, paperwork, etc)?

Not a thing. We have everything here for you. As far as equipment goes, we sell everything you would need in-house. If you have your own gloves/wraps, that works too. We also have loaner pairs you can use if you're still deciding (free of charge). 

Will I get punched or kicked?

Again, we try very hard not to pressure anyone into uncomfortable situations. Though some of our practices will include sparring, no member is required to partake. Coaches have no problem pulling members aside for no-contact sparring. The best rule of thumb is to say something if anything makes you uncomfortable.

How do I stand when I fight?

There are two main stances for striking sports: Orthodox and Southpaw. A majority of fighters are orthodox. Typically, if you are right-handed you will be orthodox. Similarly, if you are left-handed you are a southpaw. Though every fighter's stance is unique, there should be some similarities. To perfect your stance we would want you to come in person, as it's nearly impossible to explain over text.

I just want to come learn self defense and/or get in shape. I don't want to fight. Is that okay?

Again, totally fine with us. You'll come to find that there are very few workouts that are better (and more fun) than combat-related fitness. Additionally, there are few skills more important than self-defense. However, if you simply want to come in for our weights/cardio machines, you may want to consider another gym. Our fitness experience is centered around combat. We may look into a separate gym membership for these patrons in the future.

I want to come in, but money is an issue. What can I do?

We never want finances to be a reason someone doesn't come in. If money is ever an issue, please come talk to us and we may be able to figure something out. That being said, we do consider ourselves one of the most reasonably priced mma/combat gyms in the area (if not the most reasonable). For context, the average price range of a combat gym membership in the midwest is anywhere from $150-$300 a month ( Additionally, this price would not include many of the extra benefits our gym provides. Our $100-a-month price includes all benefits shown.

What specific martial arts do you teach during class?

There is almost no martial art that we will shy away from as long as it is proven to be at least somewhat effective in combat. If we were forced to rank the arts we focus on the most, it would probably be 1. Boxing 2. Kickboxing 3. Jujitsu 4. Wrestling 5. Muay Thai. We can't promise that we will have an expert on-site for every combat style, but we are an open-minded gym and are willing to learn just as much as we are willing to teach.

Why have you not kicked Colin out of the gym yet? He's so strange. Will Kyle ever get over his anime addiction?

Unfortunately, we do not have any answers to these questions at this time (at least none that are satisfactory). We will keep our members updated on both of these issues moving forward.

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