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Member Benefits

As stated on the home page, our gym offers a variety of ways to advance your overall wellness. We pride ourselves in being a gym that not only teaches you how to fight, but also focuses on wellness in it's entirety.


Dr. Dominic Means

Benefits that apply to all members

  • 605 Boxing and MMA has partnered with True Health Chiropractic to bring our members top-of-the-line care. Though every athlete may have a different arrangement with Dr. Means, all members of 605 will receive a base $15 dollar discount with adjustments/visits. If you're curious about any other benefits through True Health, ask away!

  • We have also partnered with a massage therapist that is offering all of our members a discount (20% off her rates and 40% off the average standard rate). If you are looking for an amazing way to rest and recover from a hard workout, consider saving some money and using our therapist!

  • Our members have access to an infrared sauna complete with UV light therapy and bluetooth.

  • We offer 1 on 1 training with any member that shows enough initiative. How do you show initiative? Simply ask. Many other gyms may charge extra for personal training. However, we like to make sure no member gets left behind. As long as the availability matches up, our staff is more than happy to pull singular members aside both during and outside of class times.

  • Many of our coaches/staff are more than willing to give out their personal number and make themselves available to members outside of gym hours.

  • Have you ever walked into a gym for the first time and you ended up sitting there for a long period of time before anyone acknowledged your existence? Our gym strives to make sure everyone feels at home. We consider our fellowship both inside and outside of practice to be one of the premier benefits of this organization. We just ask that the effort we are putting into our students is matched in intensity. 

  • Members get access to Fitlight coordination tests as well as many other similar simulations.

  • Additional family members get 50% off their monthly dues. 

  • All active military members get 10% off their monthly dues.

Benefits that apply to competitors, athletes, and fighters

  • Our gym has a large array of promotional opportunities that provide extra exposure and possible financial compensation.

  • Our gym will double over as your manager and coach. We have the ability to find, match, and book fights on your behalf. For those members that are truly motivated, we may also be checking up on your weight, goals, mental health, etc...

  • Our team may set up sparring/practice sessions at any point and time as long as we are given advanced notice. 

Some exclusions may apply. Please reach out to staff directly for further details on membership or any benefits.

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